I'm not much of a writer or artist or comedian or thought-provoker, but one fateful night I decided that this might be something fun. I don't really expect it to lead anywhere, but if you are one of few reading this, I hope that you stay around and enjoy my postings!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Day of the Black Fuzz Monster

I find that I do my very best writing in a state of emotional turmoil. Thus, I must lead myself into a miserable spiral of self-destruction and unhappiness for the sake of my writing. Fun, right? Well, lately, things have been going pretty good for me, so I haven't had much to write about. But oh-ho, my luck is all too limited. You see, I have this girlfriend. I can tell what kind of guys she's into. How, you may ask? Well, I'm fairly certain that she'll cheat on me with one of them. The countless hours of blabbing about them aside, she's already confessed to flirting with most of them. Me, being the all-jealous super sleuth, checked out their facebooks. The pattern was immediately noticeable.
See, I never really understood the appeal of emo hair. Is the goal just to envelope your body with a curtain of hair as quickly as possible? I think the fad was probably started when an ugly guy tried to cleverly disguise his grotesque appearance with his hair. Unattractive men everywhere probably noticed and followed suit, taking it to the extremes, as people will often do.
This girl has already confessed to cheating on a previous boyfriend. Now the way I see it, I could break up with this girl now, and be done with it. I often hear "Once a cheater, always a cheater." Now that's some sage advice. Once we found out about the Konami code, we never went back to playing conventionally, did we?
I could stay with this girl, see where it goes, and probably wind up having my heart broken yet again. If you've read my first post though, you'll know that each girlfriend prior to this has broken up with me on my birthday. So if nothing else, tune back in March 9th 2012 for another post.
Until next time,
-Mr. Fox